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Online Studio
Amanda Renar

Live interactive online Pilates sessions offer a unique and dynamic experience that combines the benefits of traditional in-person classes with the convenience of virtual platforms, in this case, Zoom. Here are some of the key benefits of participating in live interactive online Pilates sessions:

  1. Real-Time Instruction: Live sessions provide you with immediate and real-time guidance from me - a Stott Pilates/Barre Instructor, with over 6 years experience. You can receive cues, corrections, and personalized feedback, ensuring that you maintain proper form and technique throughout the session.

  2. Interactive Feedback: I can see your movements and interact with you directly, offering modifications and adjustments based on your individual needs and abilities. This personalized attention helps you get the most out of each exercise and minimizes the risk of injury.

  3. Accountability: Knowing that your instructor and potentially other participants are live with you can provide an extra layer of accountability. This can help you stay committed to your practice and push yourself to achieve your fitness goals.

"I love sharing my passion and knowledge of Pilates with others as I really do believe in its benefits for everyone."

Pilates works on strength, flexibility and endurance, with a focus on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and breathing. We work through balanced exercise sequences (with many modifications) to produce well balanced and aligned bodies, that look fit and move with ease.

Group Classes 

Join us anytime during a block.
In Person - in Vence
9.15 Barre Class
10.15 Mat Class


“A friendly class with exercises suitable for all levels - Amanda takes the time to ensure you always adopt a correct posture to avoid injury. Great atmosphere & definitely starting to feel the benefits. I look forward to it each week!"


- Lara 

Benefits of Pilates include:

Improved balance & coordination

Longer, leaner looking muscles

Relief from stress & back pain

Core strength & stability

Injury prevention

Better posture



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