Group Classes


7 Week Term


1 class a week 105€ per 7 week block

2 classes a week 196€ per 7 week block

30 min Standing or Chair Pilates class 35€ per 7 week block

Payable in advance. If you miss your regular class you can join another class to catch up or request a recording of that class to do at a time that suits you.

Private one to one Sessions


1 session - 45€ on Zoom/Sykpe

2 people 55€ on Zoom/Sykpe

In Person Pilates

1 session - 50€ in person - in your home or garden

2 people 60€  3 people 75€

Please Note:


Full Term payable in advance. Classes cannot be carried over to the next term. Prices may vary according to location.

For private and small group sessions all fees will be due for any cancellations not made at least 24 hours in advance. 

Method of paymentCash, online with Stripe or cheque.