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5 reasons everyone should try Pilates online

1, It's a Fun full -body workout which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

- No travel time to and from the studio and you can join from wherever you are in the world.

2, All you need is a mat and a stable internet connection.

- 4g also works. If you don't have a Pilates mat then get creative. You could even use a sunlounger cushion!

3, You have the accountability of a group of fellow class mates who you can chat with before and after each class - its a social event too!

-You are much more likely to turn up for your prepaid class at a set time than putting a video on at some point today!

4, Pilates has so many benefits! Here are a few:

- You'll have increased energy. It will give you a deeper mind/body awareness. Can help prevent future injuries by giving you a strong balanced body. It will improve your balance and posture.

5, The Pilates teacher can see you whilst you are exercising to give encouragement, corrections and to ensure you are working safely and effectively.

And here is some genuine feedback I received this week:

"seeing you and being part of an interactive group really helps to keep us both sane, so thanks very much for all you do"

"thank you so much for your kind heart. I love doing pilates with you - you are such an amazing teacher (blush, blush!) You explain everything so well and are aware of so many things that may need correcting!"

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