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One Year anniversary of classes on line

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

This week marks the One Year anniversary of taking our Pilates classes on- line. I remember that week so well including the weekend before when I was in London celebrating my Dads birthday and going to the Lamda theatre to watch my daughter performing in her final year school play. It was all so special and I am so thankful that I got there for that weekend. Little did I know then that a year on I still would not be able to make another trip back home!

Knowing what was about to unfold I also spent some time that weekend familiarizing myself with Zoom which I had only heard of a week or two before (thanks to my business mastermind cocoon group). I had a practice run of teaching a class and signed up 3 unsuspecting family members, made them all download the app and be my guinea pigs! It was a good experience and enabled me to iron out a few issues and gain some confidence and trust in the app.

I flew home on the Monday 16th March 2020 and wrote a Newsletter to all my clients inviting them to continue their classes online and join me on Zoom. I am happy to say the vast majority did! What a journey we embarked on and with so many improvements made over those first few weeks. Lighting, sound, screen – you name it, I tried it. I have gradually tweaked my timetable and tried many new things – like Kids Pilates, Ball Pilates and Standing Pilates. And we are still going strong. Some people have taken a pause for the time being, new people have found their way to our small friendly classes and we are continuing to evaluate and modify as we go. Flexibility and ability to change with the times has proven invaluable.

What’s next?

Definitely a continuation of some classes online even as we gradually reopen – I am thankful to have found a new branch to the services I can offer and having a more international crowd.

And exploring the idea of an online membership system with lots of new content and flexibility of doing one of your favorite videos at a time that suits you best but with options of live, interactive classes too.

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